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Thursday, July 24, 2014

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BuddyPress hits version 1.0

Posted by admin on May 3, 2009

BuddyPress has officially hit version 1.0.  BuddyPress is a collection of components and plugins for the WordPress MU platform that turns your MU installation into a full fledged social network.  I’ve been watching the development of this project for some time now and I’m excited about the possibilities for niche networks.

One of the great advantages to using BuddyPress is that, as the owner of the site, you control the data and you make the rules!  How many people are truly happy to create a “group” on sites like facebook, knowing that you have to agree to their very broad terms of use and what they can do with your information?

There’s a whole new world of possibilities with BuddyPress and WordPress MU.  A gallery component is in the works and should be available later this year, giving it what I would consider an essential piece of the social network platform.  Until the gallery is ready, I’ll be implementing BuddyPress on a couple of my own sites to immerse myself in it’s capabilities.  I’m looking forward to helping my clients use BuddyPress for their web marketing strategies.

Visit for more information.

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